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Our beverage company mission is very clear:

We want to support active & healthy lifestyles and be part of the solutions for
obesity and type 2 diabetes by offering consumers a non-GMO, natural ingredient,
moderate-calorie, lower glycemic, & sustained energy drink.

After all . . . our definition of Chasing Rabbits®
means the pursuit of personal achievement and physical well-being.

Revitalize Life! TM

Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage in new packaging arrives soon at
Northern California and Greater San Francisco Bay Area retailers in your neighborhood.

Chasing Rabbits®, The Three Rabbit® logo Image mark and Revitalize Life (tm) are trademarks of Chasing Rabbits, LLC

Other Chasing Rabbits® Designs and Graphics are Copyrights Of Chasing Rabbits, LLC